Universal Investment GmbH

With around € 170 billion in funds under administration (30 June 2013), over 1000 special investor and mutual fund mandates and around 500 employees, we are one of Germany’s biggest and most successful investment companies (KVG). 

Independent – because as a subsidiary of prestigious private banks we are one of the few neutral fund companies in Germany. 
Not being dependent on a dominant parent company or various group interests is something our clients – institutional investors, fund initiators and private investors – appreciate highly. 

Experienced – because we have played a pioneering role in Germany’s fund landscape for more than 40 years. In 1970, we launched the first private label fund – a first for the industry. 
Since then we have launched several of these special mutual funds in collaboration with domestic and overseas partners. 1990 marked the launch of the first master fund for institutional investors: we were thus operating as a Master KVG long before the concept was taken up by the industry at large. 

Innovative – because we are in the vanguard of technological innovation in the fund industry. The wishes and needs of our clients have always been the key drivers behind these innovations. As specialists for every type of fund administration service and as a full service provider, IT lies at the heart of our business. 

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