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First Trust Global Portfolios Ltd was established in December 2011 as a UK based distributor, advisor, and affiliate of First Trust Advisors L.P. and First Trust Portfolios L.P. First Trust Global Portfolios Ltd distributes and markets a range of ETFs and funds established within an affiliated Irish domiciled UCITS Company, First Trust Global Funds plc.

First Trust Advisors L.P. and its affiliate First Trust Portfolios L.P. (collectively "First Trust") are privately owned U.S. based financial services firms that invest across a range of asset classes which are offered through an array of investment vehicles in the U.S. including Unit Investment Trusts, Exchange-Traded Funds, Variable Annuities, Closed-End Funds, Mutual Funds and managed accounts. These products are not currently offered to investors outside the U.S. First Trust has total assets under management or supervision in excess of $94 billion as at 31 May 2014 and is a leading provider of Exchange-Traded Funds in the U.S. market place. First Trust Advisors L.P. is the investment manager of Irish-domiciled UCITS ETFs issued by First Trust Global Funds plc and distributed by FTGP.

First Trust was established in 1991 with a mission to offer investors a better way to invest and is single-minded about providing trusted investment products and advisory services. First Trust is inspired every day by how financial advisors and its customers use its products and services to define goals, solve problems and develop long-term strategies.

Everyone at First Trust is encouraged to work diligently and respectfully to deliver superior products, services and results that will contribute to the prosperity of its clients. This philosophy is carried through to the firm’s approach to investing. First Trust's approach is simple, and the company was built with these core principles in mind: Know what you own, invest for the long term, employ discipline and rebalance.

First Trust takes these investing principles into consideration in all aspects of its business. Its reputation has been built on these principles and its reputation is everything. First Trust is committed to providing original ideas, innovative products and the highest level of service. First Trust has a relentless focus on the needs of its clients in fulfilling its mission of providing a better way to invest.

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