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For too long, investment has been a one-way street. At Alquity we’re changing that. Our investment approach is based on a firm conviction that wherever in the world we pursue profit, we should also put something back. 

We’re a new concept in investment management and we exist to achieve three things: 
- To produce attractive returns through investment in exciting emerging and frontier markets. 
- To encourage and promote the use of responsible investment practices through and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) process. Not just because it’s good ethics, but because these things can affect profitability and help manage risk too. 
- To transform lives by providing a proportion of our revenues as microfinance in the areas where we invest. This encourages entrepreneurship, which helps create jobs and grow local economies. 

Above all, we are a different type of company; one fuelled by innovation, passion and a drive to change the world.

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